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Summer Term Week 13 - 20/07/2020

Hi Year 6,

These are your last few days in Year 6 so I have found some fun activities for you to do. It has been a pleasure to keep in contact with you whilst you have been learning from home and I will miss finding out what you have been up to each week and also discovering which new skills and hobbies you have found. I wish you the very best for September, at your new school, and know that you will all make a great impression on your new teachers.

Mrs Roberts



We all know that this school year has been a particularly strange one, learning from home and being in lockdown. Today, you will be thinking about the memories you have made this year. You can either use the sheet provided, or you can make a poster of your own, thinking about all the memories you have made. I’m sure with lockdown, you have made loads! I can’t wait to see your posters!



Today I want you to think about the positives that have come from lockdown. I have really enjoyed spending more time with my family and having the time to share more meal times together. We have also found that we love to take our bikes out on cycle adventures together and stop for picnics. What positives have you found from lockdown? Look at the sheets and have a think of some of your own.


Today is your last day in Year 6!

Use the ‘My A-Z of the School Year’ sheet to think about all the things you have learnt over the last year. They might not all be school related. Have fun with it!

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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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