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Summer Term Week 2 - 27/04/2020

We hope you enjoyed watching the clip ‘Lifted’ last week and that you are well on your way to either retelling the story or creating your own alien invasion or science fiction adventure. This week you will have time to finish and edit your stories, tackle some Blue Planet-themed comprehension, pick up on some grammar and there is an unusual writing challenge if you finished your story last week!






Spelling Test


'Collect' new spellings from link below.


Today you have time to finish or continue with your Lifted/ Science-fiction story.


Have a look at the example paragraph below – which is better and why? Think about this when you write your own.

Finish your writing.


Edit and improve your story using the editing stations and examples attached below.


If you want to publish your writing, now’s your chance 😊

Blue Planet Reading Comprehension

Grammar – using formal language and the subjunctive.


Use the video links to help you understand the subjunctive then have a go at the activity or the task set through

Unusual Daily Routine Writing Challenge.


Your challenge is to write about your morning routine, but with a twist! We want you to use your imagination to add in science-fiction or fantasy elements to your routine.


Use the sheet, the WAGOLL and ideas and let your creative juices flow!

If you finished your story last week…

1) Make sure you have edited it and made sure that it is the very best it can be.

2) Have a go at the grammar lesson and comprehension lesson for this week.

3) Have a go at the Unusual Daily Routine writing challenge attached below! Let your imagination run free!



Unusual Daily Routine

Iguana vs Snakes - Planet Earth II

Watch the following heart-racing clip and then answer the corresponding comprehension questions on the document provided!

Criminal Penguins - Frozen Planet

Watch the following intriguing clip and then answer the corresponding comprehension questions provided!

Grammar - Formality and the Subjunctive

Use the videos below to help you understand the subjunctive. The first is a tutorial, the second is a song to help you remember and the last one is a bit of fun: some examples of the subjunctive used correctly and incorrectly in songs. You can also see a file explaining more differences between formal and informal language in the document below. Once you have looked through these, have a go at the worksheet and/or log onto to try some more questions on the subjunctive and formal language.