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Summer Term Week 2 - 27/4/2020

Wow, we're now entering week 4 of home learning and we are so proud of how you are embracing the new challenges. It has been great to see that you are still stretching yourselves. The BIDMAS questions sparked a lot of great debate last week! We want to give you plenty of resources to keep you busy (and we know some of you would like even more!) but where there are lots of questions or an extension challenge, don't feel you have to complete it all. Just do as much as you can just as you have done in class all year. And keep sharing your great work with us, we really do love receiving it. This week we are moving onto...Algebra! 


Summer Week 2 Overview:

1.  Understand and use properties of number e.g. prime, square, multiple, factor etc. (not algebra!)

2. Solve missing number and algebraic puzzles

3. Use substitution to solve algebraic problems

4. Solve problems with two unknowns (the second page is a 'super challenge' - don't feel you need to complete it)

5. Fun Friday – St George’s Day Maths Mystery Puzzle

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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