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Summer Term Week 3 - 4/5/2020

Thank you for sharing your fantastic writing based on Lifted. We thought your stories and re-tellings were fantastic and the Unusual Daily Routine writing was very creative! This week we are going to explore the Talk for Writing unit called ‘Doors – The World of Possibility’. This week your comprehension, grammar and writing are all based around the idea of doors taking you to new places. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!






Spelling Test


'Collect' new spellings from link below.


Generating Ideas

Activity 1 – Warm up: thinking about the world we live in

Activity 2 – Generating ideas using poetry: I opened the magical door…

Activity 3:

Design your own magical door


Fun Grammar

Activity 4:

Looking at Idioms that relate to doors – how many can you explain without looking them up?

Reading Comprehension

Activity 6:

Read the extract from The Snow-walker’s Son and have a go at answering the questions.


Try to be as clear and detailed as you can with your answers.

Grammar and sentence work

Activity 7:

These activities will take you through the pattern of three (we used this in our speeches!), using semi colons and adverbs.


Once you’ve tried the activities, log onto to try those.


It’s a Bank Holiday!





Next Week:

You will be working through activities 9 and 10 to plan and write your own ‘Magic Door’ story.


Monday - Generating ideas and poetry

This activity is aimed at generating and developing ideas. Your poem doesn't have to be really long, just think carefully about the words and ideas you choose. These will help you later.

Tuesday - Design a door and idioms

Wednesday - Reading Comprehension

Thursday - Grammar and Sentence Work

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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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