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Summer Term Week 6 - 01/06/2020

Welcome Back! We hope you had a lovely half term and managed to enjoy the sunshine.

For maths this week, we are setting you a project to complete across the week. It is called 'Theme Park Tycoon' and your mission is to design and work out the costs of building a theme park. All of the resources you need can be found below and we have set out a schedule to help you balance your time throughout the week. Try to stay within your budget and plan your park carefully to make as much profit as you can. Good Luck!

Day 1: Objective 1: Spending your Money.

Day 2: Objective 2: Designing the Park

Day 3: Objective 3: Cost of Running the Park

Day 4: Objective 4: Theme Park Star Rating

Day 5: Objective 5: Making a Profit?

If you find that you have completed more than one objective on one day, check out the challenge zone at the bottom of the weekly pages and try one of the challenges or investigations.

Instructions and Costs

This is your task booklet. Here you will find instructions for each of the objectives and all of the information that you need to complete the challenge (e.g. ride details and costs, staffing, paths etc)


This is your worksheet. It will help you complete each of the objectives by providing you with tables to fill in.There are two sheets for the first objective - one is a proposal so you can try out your ideas and the second one is a 'final' sheet for once you have made your decision.

The second file is a grid for you to design the layout of your theme park.

Some things to help...

The first file is a ready-made park design to give you some ideas - it will help you to understand the different types of path etc.

The second is a powerpoint which breaks down the task into each objective.

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