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Summer Term Week 7 - 08/06/2020

Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for learning! 


This week, you will be undertaking a real life Maths investigation. You are going to have the opportunity to (theoretically) redecorate your bedroom, exactly as you wish. The whole investigation will include practical measurements, scale drawings, area calculations, decision making and product costings. (You can choose a room other than your bedroom if you wish) 


Step 1

  • Draw a rough sketch (or sketches) of your bedroom showing the floor, ceiling and each wall.
  • Carefully measure the dimensions of your room using appropriate measuring devices (i.e. not a 15cm ruler!) Record all measurements on your rough plan.
  • You will need to consider the following: length and width of the floor, height of the room, height of any skirting boards, position and size of windows, radiators, fixed cupboards etc. (moveable furniture does not need to be drawn)
  • It would be helpful to have all measurements in metric units (cm or m)


Step 2

  • Think about the colour scheme you’d like and whether you want paint, wallpaper, carpet, floor tiles etc.
  • Look online at paint / wallpaper samples. Use the 'Finding the Best Price' sheet to compare prices on different websites and find the best deal.
  • Find out how much your materials will cost and the sizes available (e.g. how many litres of paint in a tin? How many square metres will one tin cover? How many metres on a roll of wallpaper?)
  • Think also about the borders, wallpaper paste, paint for doors / skirting, other materials you might need etc.


Step 3

  • Once you have ‘decorated’ your room, you can treat yourself and ‘buy’ some new furniture or fittings e.g. bed, curtains, lampshades, desk etc. Use websites to explore options and costs.


Step 4

  • Once you have measured your room and collected together price lists, complete the following:
    • Create scale drawings of the floor and walls or your room (e.g. 1cm on the page = 1m in your room) Consider the most appropriate scale to fit on your page.
    • Calculate the areas of the floor, ceiling and walls
    • Calculate how much paint / wallpaper / carpet will be needed
    • Calculate the cost of materials needed based on your previous results
    • Calculate the total cost including fixtures and fittings if you’ve chosen to have them.


There is no set budget for this task. It is your decision as to whether you are extravagant in your choices or whether you want to find the cheapest option. This project is led by you and leaves you to design and decide what your new bedroom would look like. However, if you need any extra support then please email me! Have fun!


Remember: This is a Maths Investigation, not an expectation to redecorate your bedroom!




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