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Summer Term Week 8 - 15/06/2020






Using reading skills to skim and scan a text for information and induce and infer information.


Activity: Complete Olympics reading comprehension

Understanding features of persuasive letters.


Activity: Sequence a text but cutting and sticking chunks of writing into the correct order to form a persuasive letter

Understanding features of a persuasive letter.


Activity: Find and highlight and the features of persuasive letter and suggest ways the letter could be improved.

Planning your persuasive letter.


Activity: Use the planning format to plan your persuasive letter.

Writing your persuasive letter.


Activity: Use your plan from yesterday to write your persuasive letter.


Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I enjoyed reading the newspaper reports that you wrote last week and have put some of your work onto the online showcase. Remember that you can send me photos of other activities you have been up to too. I love to see what you have been doing in your spare time.


This week out topic in English is persuasive letters. The Olympics was due to take place in Tokyo this year, but has been postponed to 2021 because of the Coronavirus. Do you agree that it should’ve been postponed or do you think they should’ve gone ahead with the sports but without an audience?

This week you’ll be writing a letter of persuasion to the Olympic Committee to either:

  1. Persuade them to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


  1. Persuade them to go ahead with the Olympic games, but without and audience.



Today you are going to be reading about Mo Farah, an Olympic athlete, and answering reading comprehension questions about him. When you're answering the comprehension questions, thing carefully about the skills Mr and Mrs Fozzaed talked about in their videos.



Go through the Powerpoint below, learning about the features and structure of a persuasive letter. Become as familiar with these as possible as you’ll be using them yourself later on in the week. Complete the letter sequencing activity.


Today you’ll be learning some more features of persuasive letter writing. Go through the PowerPoint below. Once you have done this, print the persuasive letter about recycling plastic. Use a highlighter, colours or just label the letter, picking out the features of persuasive letters that you have been learning about and label them on the letter.


Now you have found out all about the features of persuasive letters, you are now going to plan your persuasive letter. Remember, you can

  1. Persuade them to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


  1. Persuade them to go ahead with the Olympic games, but without and audience.

If you’d like to find out more about the Olympics, you might like to visit


Today you will be using your plan to write your persuasive letter. Use the checklist and word bank below to make sure you are including all the features needed in your letter. I have also attached a persuasive features poster which could also be useful to you as you go along, to remind you of how you can use the features in a letter.