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Summer Term Week 9 - 22/06/2020






To use skimming and scanning and inference and deduction skills to answer reading comprehension questions.


Activity: Read the non-fiction extract about the Bermuda Triangle and answer the questions about it.

To punctuate speech with accuracy.


Activity: Go through the speech PowerPoint and complete the missing punctuation activity.

To understand and become familiar with the features of suspense and mystery texts.


Activity: Go through the Writing Suspense and Mystery Texts PowerPoint up to slide 6. Watch the video.

Complete the text features activity.

To plan a setting description.


Activity: Go back to the PowerPoint from yesterday. Go through slides 7-9 .

Use the setting planning sheet, plan your setting with a focus on ‘show’ and not ‘tell.

To write a setting description


Activity: Finish the PowerPoint slides. Use you planning sheet to write a setting description for your mystery story. You will be able to use this when you write your story next week.

Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. This week we are going to be learning about mystery and suspense writing. You’ll be learning, looking at examples and writing a setting for a mystery story. Next week, you’ll be writing your own mystery and suspense story using everything you have learnt this week.


As we will be focusing on suspense and mystery I thought I'd recommend a book that links to our topic:



London Eye Mystery

11.32am. Ted and his sister Kat watch their cousin Salim get on board the London Eye. The pod rises from the ground, high above the city.
12.02am. The pod lands and the doors open. Everyone exits - everyone but Salim.
Has he spontaneously combusted? (Ted's theory.)
Has he been kidnapped? (Aunt Gloria's theory.)
Is he even still alive? (The family's unspoken fear.)
Even the police are baffled - so it's up to Ted, whose brain runs on its own unique operating system, to solve this mystery and find Salim.
Teaming up with Kat, Ted follows a trail of clues across London - while time ticks dangerously by...


Complete the reading comprehension about the Bermuda Triangle. Remember to use what you have learnt in the past few weeks to answer the questions.


When it comes to writing your story next week, you’ll be expected to use direct speech in your story, creating dialogue between characters to push the story forward. Today, you’ll be revising the rules of speech and completing a punctuation activity.


Today you’re going to start learning about how to create mystery and suspense in a piece of writing. You’ll need to open the PowerPoint below and work your way through to slide 6. Watch the video and then complete the activity about the features of suspense writing.


Go back to the PowerPoint that you used yesterday. Go through slides 7 – 9. Decide where your story is going to be set. You can use the setting on the PowerPoint or you could either draw a setting of your own or find an image you like on the Internet. Use the planning sheet below to come up with ideas and plan your setting description. Focus on making use of your senses and also remembering to ‘show’ and not ‘tell’ the reader.


For example, instead of saying:

She was cold. (Telling the reader)

you might say:

A shiver ran down her spine and goose bumps invaded her arms. (Showing the reader/giving clues)


Today you need to write your setting description, trying to create suspense.

Make sure you include these main features to create suspense and tension:

  • simile and metaphor;
  • use of ellipsis;
  • short, snappy sentences;
  • using sentences that appeal to the senses


Don't forget to use your plan, that you created yesterday, to help you.


Here's a extract of a setting description from within a story to give you some inspiration!

A fire crackled in the open fireplace, making the modest living room a snug retreat from rain outside. Across the room sat two men. One of the men, who had short auburn hair, was whispering quietly to the other. As Kitty sat in the corner of the room, she tried desperately to remember where she had seen him before.


Slowly, she walked across the room, through the old, wooden door frame, into the kitchen. She strolled across the room to the banquet table where she helped herself to a piece of chocolate gateaux and filled her glass with lemonade. Carefully, she juggled the glass and plate through the crowd, back towards the study where she would ask the man why he was so familiar.

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