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The International Space Station is a low orbit satellite that moves around the Earth. At any one time, up to six astronauts from all over the world could be living there, and they tend to live there for six months at a time. On the station, the astronauts carry out experiments and maintenance on the station. It moves at a speed of 5 miles per second, meaning that it can orbit (go around) the Earth in just 90 minutes!


Here are some of my favourite resources on the ISS!

For a video tour of the ISS, with some important questions answered, click this link:

If you would like to take a virtual tour of the ISS, click here:

This link will take you to a live stream from a camera on board the ISS, so you can see what the astronauts can see. This link also shows you where the ISS is at any point in time!

Use this link to sign up to Spot the Station! This is a service that will send you a text or an email when you may be able to see the ISS fly over your head! Try to spot it on a clear night - it looks like a bright star moving across the night sky! (parents note, you may need to choose Dorking as your home town to get this to work)