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Times Table Ninjas (Weekly tests!)

Home learning...NINJA STYLE! Below you can find every weekly times table test you might have to do in Year Three. We know that lots of you know which times table you should be on next so you'll know where to start but if you are unsure you can always email your teacher! 


Here's how it works...

1. Print the test you need to do that week.

2. Find yourself a comfy spot and a pencil.

3. Ask an adult to set a seven minute timer and give it your best shot!

4. Check your answers carefully

5. Ask a friendly helper to mark your work and give you a score out of 20 


You can choose which day of the week you do your times tables and we'd love it if you shared your scores with us! If you get 20/20 you move up to the next level on the ladder (parents and carers this means you're working down the page!)



The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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