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TOPIC 2 - energy

We began this topic with no real awareness of how much energy we were using as a school. We have installed two energy meters and are already taking actions on the findings. We are also in the process of having access for teachers within key stages to be able to look at the data and use it in lessons. It is planned that in achievement assemblies awards will be given to the key stages who save the most electricity each week. 

Electricity usage in the Year 5 and 6 block (Feb-May 2021)

The data above showed that in the Year 5 and 6 block electricity was still being used at the weekends (shown in light blue). It was discovered that the air-conditioning/heating was being left on; which is easily fixed by speaking to the staff in those rooms to ensure it is turned off. The water heaters also automatically use electricity once the water cools to a certain level. This will also be fixed by setting a timer so they do not activate on weekends.

Awareness of use of electricity at school during Science week