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For Q5-8 please email a photograph of your graphs to your maths teacher. Thank you. 

Drawing your line graph:


When it comes to constructing line graphs, firstly you need to assess your data. What are your parameters? Look at the numbers to be able to decide what increments you can use on your graph. For example, my minimum was 1.6 and my maximum was 13.6 so I chose 1 degree increments on the y axis and months on my x axis. 


Don't forget to write your title. 



Next, I set out my axes giving myself plenty of space (as opposed to squishing it all up)! Then I plotted out the data on my graph before joining the lines. Since I was comparing temperatures from the South of England with the North of England, I used different colours. 


Don't forget to use a ruler. Don't forget a key (if you are comparing data) and please ensure you label your x and y axis. 







Here's a link the Met Office where you can access UK temperature data. Have a go at constructing your own line graph using this data. You'll need to decide what parameters you are going to use and consider how best to present it.


You could do a straight forward line graph showing the temperature over the year from one location. Or, you could do a comparative line graph using two different locations or you could compare minimum and maximum temperatures.