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Why is Florence Nightingale important today?

Why is Florence Nightingale's work still so relevant 200 years after she was born? Why are we naming hospitals after her? This is a short summary of the changes she lead.

Think back to yesterday's learning about Florence Nightingale and her work in hospitals. What did you learn about hospitals in Victorian times? Now think of a time you might have visited the hospital or a doctor. How are hospitals today different from hospitals in Victorian times? There are some pictures and a powerpoint to help if you would like it. Remember to write in full sentences and check your capital letters, full stops and spellings.      
Today in maths we're solving mixed addition and subtraction problems. This has all been covered in class but you can use the videos on the maths tutorial page to remind yourself of partitioning for adding and subtraction using a blank number line. Remember to show your working out and to use a number line or draw Diennes if you need to.