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Twits Trick Instruction writing

In English we have been reading The Twits and looking at the tricks they play on each other. We read 'The Glass eye' and 'Wormy Spaghetti' and have been planning our own 'Twit Trick' with a focus on instructions.

Last week we looked at imperative (bossy) verbs and adverbs and how to use these to write commands! This week we will be focusing on how to write instructions and will be planning and writing instructions for our own Twits Trick!     

Finished writing your instructions?

Have edited them and checked for:

  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Spellings - you could use a dictionary to help!

Have your included:

  • Imperative verbs our bossy doing words - put, stir, get, mix
  • Adverbs to describe how they are doing the action - carefully, sneakily, cautiously
  • Adjectives to add description e.g wiggly, squirmy worms


Yes? Then can you write your own chapter of the Twits using your Trick!

  • Think of a chapter title!
  • How does Mr or Mrs Twit do the trick
  • What is Mrs or Mrs Twit's reaction?
  • Could you challenge yourself to include speech? "What's wrong with this spaghetti?" snarled Mr Twit suspiciously.


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