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Votes for Schools

Welcome to Votes for Schools

Every Wednesday a new discussion will be uploaded onto the Video Resource Centre (see below) for your children to watch, participate in and vote on.  There might be extra links to look at as well as a video presentation. Last weeks vote - KS2 Will Brexit Affect You? and KS1 Will Brexit Affect your Holiday results:



Your children in years 1-3 can follow this link:

and complete an anonymous vote.


At the end of the presentation your child in years 4-6 can follow this link:

and complete an anonymous vote.


KS1 20th January - How do vaccines work?

Have a watch/listen to the video below and once you are well informed you can cast your vote!

KS2 20th January - Years 4-6 Vaccines

Do we need to learn more about how vaccines work? Do you always trust what you read or hear? How can you check you have the truth? Please remember to vote by Friday, 22nd January.

Below are the links referred to in the KS2 video.