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w/c 4th January

Please do not hesitate to E-mail your class teacher to clarify any misconceptions or to ask for help!


Maths.  We begin this term practicing multiplication skills.  The lessons for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday can be found on the White Rose Website where there is a comprehensive video explaining each terminology.


Monday: Revision - wake up your math's brain (see teaching slides below)

Tuesday: Revision - last terms math's review (see teaching slides below)

Wednesday: Multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit

Thursday: Multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit

Friday: Multiplying 4 digits by 1 digit

Monday and Tuesday Maths Revision


This term we will be studying about Outer Space and Space Exploration in our science lessons.  We will use this theme to continue to work on developing the children's writing skills.

This week's theme will be LIFT-OFF! The children will be developing their descriptive writing with a creative emphasis on building atmosphere.  The children will be encouraged to vary sentence openers using ISPACE, write descriptively using Figurative Language and explore new punctuation using brackets.

Please read the attached WAGGOLs - what a good one looks like for ideas and the Vocabulary mats for new language.


Web links showing rocket launches for inspiration can be followed on the Powerpoint.

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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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