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Is it a noun or a verb?

As new things are invented, so are new words - nouns to name them and verbs to help us express what they can do.

Copy out the sentences below and mark the nouns and verbs with a N or V above them.

  1. Ask Google.  I always Google things I don't understand.
  2. If I get a text from her.  I will text her back.
  3. I want to hoover the lounge but the hoover isn't working.
  4. Now I've got my own blog, I blog every day.
  5. Email him and explain that his email arrived too late.

Some words can be nouns and verbs, can you make up sentences using the words below as nouns and verbs? The first one has been done for you.

HINT: if you put a determiner in front of the word it becomes a noun.

  1. hop  The man said, "Hop!" and with one hop the rabbit was free!
  2. iron
  3. work
  4. jump
  5. bank
  6. spell
  7. walk
  8. face

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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