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Prepositions are little words that join ‘glue’ the phrases of a sentence together often showing how they are related in time (at, during, in, on) or space (to, over, under, in, on).


E.g. In the morning, the cat often hides under the table.

The train leaves at three o’clock from platform four.



Highlight the prepositions in a paragraph.


One day, Tom put two big baskets of gapes on his donkey and set off to the market.  On his way, he stopped to rest under the shade of a large plane tree, beside a stream, near where the other men and their donkeys were also resting.  While the men were dozing Tom started to take grapes from their baskets and put them into his basket.  One of the men woke up and angrily demanded to know what he thought he was doing.  

Tom replied quickly, “Don’t mind me. I’m a bit mad and often do strange things.”

“In that case,” retorted the man, “why don’t you take gapes out of your basket and put them in someone else’s?”

Looking up quizzically, Tom replied, “I’m not that mad!”



Can you fix our nonsense prepositions in this paragraph?


On the early morning little bear wondered underneath the wood and through his mother.  The sun light was filtering at the trees during the leaf covered floor from little bear’s feet.  The leaves crunched on top of his soft paws.  Before he realised how far he had wondered little bear was lost under the woods.  The sun was beginning to dip above the trees and it was quickly getting dark.  Little bear called out for his mother, his voice carried into the trees, next to the bushes right behind his worried mother; she called back.  Suddenly, mother bear arrived over little bear.  His heart slowly calmed outside his chest and she gently rubbed into his chin.


Preposition Text and Answers

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