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For English today and tomorrow you are going to be writing your recount of the video 'Catch It'. For today, focus on the start of the story (or the first 3 boxes on your story map). Remember to describe what is happening in the video and to include detail - One sentence for each box does not give enough information about the story :) 

Remember to use time connectives to order, adjectives to describe and interesting vocabulary to make your story exciting. Watch Monday's video explaining the work to help if you feel stuck.     


This is "Year 2 - Week 5 - Lesson 3 - The 2 times-table" by White Rose Maths.

Above is today's video from (you can now watch the video directly above instead of having to go to the website). Please watch the video first then complete Challenge 2 (this is the sheet that relates to the video). Challenge 1 is a slightly easier challenge if you feel Challenge 2 is too tricky. Challenge 3 is a slightly harder challenge if you feel Challenge 2 is too easy. (Please only choose one challenge, you do not have to do all three).  

Please note - challenge 2 is the only sheet that relates to the video. If you are answering the questions it tells you to in the video, these only relate to the questions on challenge 2. Challenge 3 is linked to the lesson objective but not referred to in the video.