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Week 1 - 22/2/2021

Monday - Comprehension  

Tuesday -


Wednesday -


Thursday -


Friday - 

Writing and editing 

Spelling test today. You need to be tested on last week's spelling and have a look at the words for this week. Good luck!

Reading Comprehension 

Join the live lesson or: Read the text and answer the questions. Use the answers to check, adjust and improve your responses

Watch the video and hear about the competition.


There are some examples for you to pull vocabulary from. 


Annotate the paragraphs in your book using the video to help.

A crossword to start you off today.


Take your time to plan and draw your mythical creature using our example. 


Use the PowerPoint to help think of ideas.


Draw your final design.

Collect all of your ideas- interesting words or phrases.


You are going to describe your creature today. Use the ideas and vocabulary you have collected this week.

Use your ideas to continue to write your description today.


Today you are going to finish and edit your work.


Don't forget to enter the competition!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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