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Week 2 - 11/1/2021

Monday - Reading

Tuesday – Immersion

Wednesday - Planning

Thursday – Begin writing

Friday – Finish/edit writing

Test children on spellings and set new words to learn

(use the video if wanted which will go through the answers and next week’s spellings)


Reading Comprehension.

Read the text – Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Answer the questions and then mark your answers carefully.

Remember to adjust and correct any mistakes.


Watch the clip ‘Lifted’ using the link below. Think about how the clip makes you feel using the emotions graph (sheet). You could also use emojis to show this!


Decide whether you want to tell the story of what happens in the clip (describe) OR, if you want to, make up your own alien invasion or science fiction story.


Read, highlight and explore the WAGOLL that relates to what you want to write.

This is the time to plan your piece of writing.


If you are retelling (recommended!), you need to watch the clip again and use the pictures to help you plan your writing.  


If you are coming up with your own story (harder), use the images and word mat to help you plan. Use the story mountain to set out a build up, problem and resolution

You might want to make your own vocabulary mat

Use the powerpoint to help you start your retelling or alien story.


Look carefully at the success criteria to be sure to include all the key elements in your writing.


Pace yourself – you don’t need to write it all in one day!


Aim to finish your opening and start your build up today.


Carry on with your writing today. Remember to use the WAGOLL if you’re stuck for ideas.


Don’t forget to describe reactions and feelings – think about your reader.


Use the editing slide to help you edit and proof-read your writing.


Tuesday and Thursday


Test these words

These are your new spelling words

Spelling Test and New Spellings Video

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday - Emotion Graph and Engagement

Here is an overview of today's English lesson. You will be watching and engaging with a new visual stimulus and completing lots of independent activities. Don't worry if you don't manage to complete them all; it is fine if some activities roll onto the next day, just as they would in school. Remember, if we are going to do something, we are going to do it properly!

Lifted WAGOLL - 16:56 - 24:06
Sci-fi independent WAGOLL - 24:06 - 29:48

Lifted Planning Writing

Retelling the narrative - 0:00 - 10:20
Planning your own story - 10:20 - end

Some vocabulary and ideas...

Some images to inspire your own story...

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