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Week 3 - 18/1/2021


Monday- Comprehension  

Tuesday- Immersion 

Wednesday- Planning


Friday- Writing and editing 

Spelling test today. You need to be tested on last week's spelling and have a look at the words for this week. Good luck!

Reading Comprehension 

Read the text and answer the questions. There are answers for you to check your work and correct any mistakes if you need to.


Read or listen to the book The King Who Banned the Dark


There are a few questions to get you thinking about the story and its characters. 


Create a storyboard using the story- make you have a clear beginning, middle and end.

We are going to be writing to the people of the town persuading them to ban something!


Take your time to plan and research so that you have all of the ideas, vocabulary and facts you need for tomorrow. 


Use the PowerPoint to help think of ideas.

Use the PowerPoint to help you start writing today.


Remember you are pretending to be the king so thing about your audience carefully. 


You don't need to finish this in one day. Make sure you have all of the correct features and aim to have the introduction and first paragraph completed. 

Read through your writing carefully before continuing today. It might help to read it to someone or aloud to yourself. 


Today you are going to finish and edit your work.


We look forward to reading it! Will you persuade us?

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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