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Week 5 - 1/2/2021

Villain's Lair

Monday - Reading

Tuesday – Immersion

Wednesday - Planning

Thursday – Begin writing

Friday – Finish/edit writing

Spelling test today!

You need to be tested on last week’s spellings and set new words to learn (use the video if wanted which will go through the answers and next week’s spellings)


Reading Comprehension

 Join the live lesson or:

Read the text carefully and answer the questions.  Use the answer sheet to check, adjust and improve your responses

Look at examples of villains and their lair’s.

What does the villain’s lair say about their character?


What is your impression of these villains. Discuss and collect ideas.


TASK 1: Watch the video clips and take notes of important details to include in your own

TASK 2: Draw and label your villain’s lair.

TASK 1: Vocabulary – pick 2-3 words from the list to complete the vocabulary task.

TASK 2: Go through the WAGOLL and highlight great words and phrases that you might like to ‘magpie’.

TASK 3: Using your picture, the WAGOLL and the vocabulary word mat, begin to plan your description.




Write your description of the villain's lair.


Don’t forget to use the WAGOLL to get your started and to see what we're looking for.

When writing, don’t forget to read it out loud to make sure it makes sense and fits the purpose.


Finish writing your description of the villain's lair.

Edit, proofread and check your writing carefully.


You can then publish your writing.

Don’t forget to send it to your teacher!