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Summer Term Week 5 - 18/5/2020

We hope you enjoyed taking part in our not-so-serious SATs week last week. We really enjoyed watching your reactions to the impossible spelling test and some of the hats you found for the reading comprehension were incredible! This is our final week working on the ‘Doors – The World of Possibility’ writing unit. This week you have time to write your stories! Take your time, you have the whole week. Use the WAGOLLs to give you ideas and remember to use description of settings and emotions to bring your writing to life. We can’t wait to read them.






Spelling Test


'Collect' new spellings from link below.


Exploring WAGOLLs

Look at the example ‘portal story’ text and identify the phrases and features listed. Highlight ideas you’d like to magpie for your own story. Which is your favourite and why?

Starting to write

Use the PowerPoint to guide you through an idea for starting your story.

Then decide how you want to start your story.

Remember you could start with:

  • introducing character
  • introducing setting
  • speech
  • action 
  • a dramatic statement
  • a question

Continuing your writing

Here are some tips as you continue to write your story:

  • Check your sentence openers – it will help your writing to flow
  • Use your plan!
  • Have your character(s) react to each new event – show feelings
  • Think about your reader – how do you want them to react?

Finish and edit your writing

You should aim to finish your story today.


You will then need to go back through and proofread/edit.


Have a go at proofreading and editing the example text – that might help you tackle your own story.



Have a go at the video comprehension and then use the answers to check your work.


Monday - Getting ready to write with WAGOLLs

Tuesday - Writing your opening

Friday - Video Comprehension

How tortilla chips are made

Still image for this video
Watch the video and then answer questions on it from the pdf below.

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