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Week 6 - 8/2/2021

Spring week 6 - Writing a newspaper report on the Villain's crime

Monday - Reading

Tuesday – Immersion

Wednesday - Planning

Thursday – Begin writing

Friday – Finish/edit writing

Spelling test today!

You need to be tested on last week’s spellings and set new words to learn (use the video if wanted which will go through the answers and next week’s spellings)


Reading Comprehension

 Join the live lesson or:

Read the text carefully and answer the questions.  Use the answer sheet to check, adjust and improve your responses


TASK 1: Watch the video.

TASK 2: Look at Wagolls to inspire you in your ideas of what crime your villain may have committed.

TASK 3: Write down your ideas of the crime that your villain has created.

TASK 1: Watch the video.

TASK 2: Look at Wagolls and write down words and phrases that you think would be useful to your writing.

TASK 3: Complete the Newspaper planning worksheet to set out what you will write for your newspaper report.



TASK 1: Watch the video.

TASK 2: Look at Wagolls to understand how newspaper reports are structured and to understand how the passive voice is used to make the report sound formal.

TASK 3: Start writing your newspaper report.  Use the word mat of useful vocabulary to help you.

TASK 1: Edit your writing from yesterday.

TASK 2: Complete writing your newspaper report.

TASK 3: If you wish, you can write out your newspaper report onto the newspaper template to make it look more like a newspaper.

TASK 4: Email your newspaper report to your teacher.