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Week 7 - WC 18/05/20

Potential learning activities for the week!

Potential learning activities for the week! 1

A new message from Sandy...

A new message from Sandy... 1

Superhero Yoga For Kids

superhero yoga for kids is all about building superhero strength and having fun with yoga.

One Potato, Two Potatoes | Super Simple Songs

Numberblocks Songs | Let's All Draw Numbers

This video is great to support them when learning to form their numbers.

Photo examples:

Photo examples:  1 Make your own Superveggies (10)
Photo examples:  2 Make your own superveggies (10)
Photo examples:  3 Lollypop superheroes
Photo examples:  4 Handprint superheros (11)
Photo examples:  5 Test out different materials for a superhero cape.
Photo examples:  6 Make your own town for your superheros
Photo examples:  7 Can you be a superninja?
Photo examples:  8 Be careful of the magic tape! (8)
Photo examples:  9 Superhero brain break activities
Photo examples:  10 Superhero boardgame of exercises
Photo examples:  11 Superhero workout!
Photo examples:  12 Make a garden potion (14)
Photo examples:  13 Speechbubbles for your superveggies!