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Week 2 - 30/3/2020

Below is a suggested schedule for your English learning this week. Don't forget to practise your weekly spellings and be tested either on Friday or Monday and send a picture of your marked test to your class teacher.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Watch the video to recap Active and Passive.


Complete the sheet or Active and Passive (or both!)


Read through the WAGOLL and highlight great words, think about how paragraphs are structured etc.

Plan your own newspaper article - think about what your villain could have done.


You could use the planning template to help you or come up with your own way to plan. 

This could be drawing and annotating a picture or listing key ideas.

Start writing your newspaper article.

Remember your opening paragraph should include as many of the 5Ws as you can.

(Who What Where When Why (and How))


Use the word mat and WAGOLL to help you. Think about quotes and passive voice.

Finish writing your newspaper article. Check through it carefully for corrections.


You could then publish your article in columns with a picture and caption.

Reading Comprehension:

Armistice Runner


Read the text, answer the questions carefully.


Mark your answers.



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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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