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Your pictures and work

On this page you will find some pictures from you, The Greville community! If you have any space related pictures or documents you would like to show your classmates, please do send them to me!


The pictures on display are:

- Eddie (5P) visited Florida and was lucky enough to see a rocket launch! He said it was very loud!

- Harry S (5R) and his family have a telescope and have snapped these stunning pictures! We have the moon in amazing clarity, as well as Saturn and Jupiter!

- Sam (Bumblebees) has done the most amazing piece of Solar System artwork, it took him two days!

- Alice N (5P) used her family telescope to spot the moon and The Great Conjunction (where Saturn and Jupiter were close together!), along with some of Jupiter's moons!

Jake (5P) has also created a powerpoint about lesser-known planets - my favourite is j1407b!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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