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Online Safety

We take the safety of your children online very seriously.  The world wide web is a minefield of information and our children need to be guided and educated on how to navigate it safely.  Please take some time to browse the various documents below which will guide you in how to help your child be safe online.





1) Which Apps/Games are you using at the moment?

This will help you understand what your children are interested in at the moment, they might not tell you about all the apps and games so it is advisable to ask them to show you their devices whilst you are having this conversation.


2) Which websites do you enjoy using and why?

Again this allows you to find out more about your child's  interests.  It will encourage a positive conversation about their online activity. 


3) How does the App/Game work?  Can I  play?

Show a genuine interest in what they are doing, if they are reluctant to play with you this might be a red flag.


4) Do you have any online friends?

Children can form positive relationships with people online but it is important for them to understand the difference between a friend and a stranger online.


5)  Do you know where to go to for help?

Show your children where and how they can report any thing they come across online which has made them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.


6) Do you know what your personal information is?

It is important that your child understands what is publically available and what is private and the dangers of sharing personal information.


7)  Do  you know your limits?

Children will not necessarily understand the negative impacts of device or game addiction.  It is important to talk about how online addiction can affect their sleep, school performance or interests in any other activities.  This is a good time to discuss and introduce time limits when at home.