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The Greville Primary School

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Welcome to The Greville! Junior Sports day is postponed until June 21st.


Dear Parent/Carer


The Greville PTA is an important part of the school community, working hard to raise funds to benefit all of the children.  In 2019 the PTA funded the fabulous all-weather pitch, throughout 2020 they supported parents with laptop needs in the midst of the pandemic and in 2021 they will be funding a mile track around the school, helping to keep our children active whatever the weather.    


In order to communicate with parents, whilst also complying with GDPR to safeguard your personal data, the PTA uses a web-based platform called Classlist.  This can also be accessed via an app on your mobile phone.

Classlist allows you to input your own data and share as much or as little of that information as you wish with other parents, in a secure way.  You can read about the security behind the platform here -   


Classlist allows parents to communicate with each other privately and within their classes and year groups.  You can create class and year group events, invites to private birthday parties, track RSVP’s, create discussion groups, ask questions of other parents and there’s even a marketplace where you can buy, sell or freecycle.  This will also be where we will have our online second hand uniform sales coming soon!


All newsletters and communications from the PTA are distributed via Classlist and all PTA events both virtual and in person will be organised and promoted through Classlist.

So please go to or download the Classlist App (on your phone, desktop or tablet) and register as a parent of 'The Greville School' to allow us to keep in touch with you and to enable you to communicate with the wider school community. 

Thank you!


The Greville PTA

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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