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PAWS Therapy

What is PAWS?

People and Animal Wellbeing Services.

For years, it’s been proven that Animal Assisted Interventions and Animal Assisted Therapy for children, and young people can effectively reduce anxiety and stress, help with blood pressure, foster positive emotions, improve social interactions and boost the quality of life to name a few. 


Our therapy incorporates animals to provide essential wellbeing and mental health support alongside other therapeutic and educational practices. We prepare people for the future; building relationships, life skills and confidence. 


What does PAWS do?

Our wellbeing and educational programmes are far more than stroking a calm, placid dog. We facilitate practical Animal Assisted Interventions that promote an active lifestyle, teach communication skills, team-building skills, build self esteem and solidify the canine-human bond with clients. We focus on goal setting, communication and  regulation techniques through practical activities that teach both canine and human behaviours as well as dog handling skills.


What does PAWS offer?

PAWS CIc offers counselling and therapeutic sessions with BACP/BAPT/UKCP registered professionals. The sessions utilise the canine-human bond, allowing your child to make positive therapeutic progress co-regulating with their canine partner.  Our qualified counsellors and therapists work with their own dogs and use Animal Assisted Interventions to build relationships, trust and understanding with your child.


Why work with a Therapy Dog?

The facilitator supports your child in reflecting, solving problems, building resilience, learning and increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.

The facilitator and animal can relate and connect with your child. A therapy animal can provide a non judgemental safe space for a child to open up.

Co-regulation therapy animal and the child.


What are the benefits of a PAWS Therapy Dog in school?

  • Boosts Attendance - studies have shown that young peoples attendance improves when a school dog is present.
  • Improves Emotional Understanding - spending time with the dog helps them reflect on their own emotion and behaviours.
  • Teaches Empathy - taking care of and understanding the dogs needs, helps them to understand others needs to.
  • Nurtures Social Skills - young people are able to show patience, turn taking, team skills and more through the PAWS programme.
  • Boosts Academic Progress - academic targets and progress is made when working alongside a school dog.  




Who is our practitioner?

Rob Millist (he/him)and Bailey

Hiya I’m Rob! I am a fully qualified and BACP registered counsellor. Teaming up with my boy Bailey - a 2 year old Labrador cross. Me and Bailey offer a calming and exciting environment for children to explore their thoughts and feelings. 


The Greville Primary School

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