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The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

Welcome to The Greville! Junior Sports day is postponed until June 21st.


Reading for Pleasure

At The Greville, we actively nurture the children’s love of reading in many ways, from Reception all the way to Year 6. We do this by:

  • Reading a class story, daily, to the children.

  • Dedicated independent reading time.

  • Timetabled library time every week.

  • Dedicated, well-resourced and welcoming Infant and Junior libraries with a wide range of books, catering for all ages and reading genres.

  • Class libraries where the children are encouraged to share books and take recommendations from their teacher, creating a sense of ownership over their reading choices.

  • Visits from authors so that children gain an insight into how books are created.

  • An exciting reading curriculum, from EYFS to Year 6, that engages children in new books.

  • Celebrating reading and the children’s successes as their reading progresses.

  • Reading club in the Juniors where children can come and share books and have access to new books. 

Our Libraries

At The Greville, we are incredibly lucky to have two brilliantly resourced and inspiring libraries as well as class libraries (or book corners) and year group targeted libraries.


All of our texts are organised into sections which make finding and selecting a book easy for our children. Each class has designated library time each week to have time to browse and select a book that interests them to borrow and enjoy at home. We endeavour to keep up with new book releases so that children have a chance to read a fantastic range of newly-published fiction and non-fiction books. We also regularly audit our library selection to ensure that all of our children feel represented in our library and that they are exposed to a range of diverse and inclusive books.

Here is our wonderful Infant Library:

Check out our Junior Library:

We also have some wonderful class and corridor libraries. We are very thankful to our PTA and birthday book donations to help keep these up-to-date and, most importantly, engaging and chosen by the children. Here are just some of our wonderful class libraries:


The Greville Primary School is a diverse and inclusive school. We pride ourselves on the high-quality education we offer all children and one of the best ways of engaging children is through books. We ensure that the texts that we study in English and that are available for the children in our library represent the diverse make-up of our community. We know that it is important for children to understand that we are all unique in our looks, personalities, family-situations and backgrounds but that these differences are to be celebrated. 

Below is just a selection of the books that we study as part of our English curriculum or are available in our school or class libraries for our children to explore and enjoy:

Birthday Books     

In order to promote a love of reading and ensure our libraries contain the books that our children love to read, children are invited to donate a book to the school to celebrate their birthday. Not only will children be celebrated in our achievement assemblies, but they will also receive a Greville book mark. If you do wish to contribute a book on your child’s behalf, please see our wishlist below for books that we would be grateful to receive.


The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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